Book Artist and Workshop Leader

Yvette Hawkins work draws upon the experience of the audience, exploring how language, codes and the india pocket option broken down and deciphered by the viewer. Yvette is interested in the notion of memories, the cultural psychologies of looking and the differences between socially conditioned learning patterns and biological ones.

Within her practice Yvette explores the book as object and works on a large scale using multiples to create environments which transform spaces that explore suggestion and secrecy. Yvette is drawn to working with pocket options medium and using traditional craft techniques, such as folding, cutting, printing, stitching and weaving to explore the environments of both art and craft.

The work is concerned with the physical acts of looking, reading and listening encouraging viewers to consciously be aware of their surroundings, controlling and manipulating the way things can be seen, Yvette follows a socially engaged practice which involves members of the public, to physically interact with the artwork, at various stages of the making and presenting of work.